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Recovery and Sobriety Milford, CT

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Milford Recovery and Sobriety

Overcoming an addiction takes courage and commitment. It is a chronic disease that takes time to treat.  It is important to learn how to get sober, and live a healthier, drug-free life. Facilities like Drug Rehab Centers Milford offer treatment options that help patients learn the tools and techniques they will need for recovery and sobriety. Call 203-242-8271 today to start on the path to a healthy and sober life.

Sobriety is possible no matter how long the addict has been using the substance. They must be open and willing to face their disease head on and follow some basic steps:

  • Pledge to stop abusing all substances: Getting sober can be a long and difficult process. Addicts who can find motivation and a reason to stop abusing drugs can have a better chance for recovery.
  • Set both short-term and long-term goals. It is important to start small so the addict does not become overwhelmed: They must set realistic goals. Quitting at a gradual pace can help some addicts prepare themselves for the detox process and the intense symptoms that accompany withdrawal.
  • They must create a treatment plan and set guidelines for the type of treatment that best suits their needs. For some, entering a treatment facility may be the best option; others may find that outpatient treatment is the better fit for them.
  • Find a support system, whether it be in a treatment center or through self-help groups. Family and friends can also be a very helpful and important source of support and positivity. It is important to have someone who understands what they are going through and to have the encouragement from their loved ones so they may continue in their recovery process.
  • Commit to live a healthy life, free of substance abuse. Recovery and sobriety do not happen overnight. It is important for addicts to have a set plan when they find themselves in certain situations where they could be tempted to use again. They should find activities and hobbies that will distract them from any thoughts they may have about abusing drugs. Positive thoughts and messages can also help them get through their day or when they’re feeling unhappy.

Through these steps, and a commitment to staying accountable, addicts can begin the treatment process and start their journey toward sobriety. The staff at Recovery and Sobriety Milford works closely with all patients to help them learn the steps and tools needed to fight their addiction. Call 203-242-8271 today to speak to a counselor who can help.

With a good support system, many addicts feel like conquering their addiction is an attainable goal. Recovery from addiction does not happen quickly, and takes a tremendous amount of effort and commitment. Statistics indicate the longer the patient spends time in treatment, the higher their chances are of remaining sober. Drug Rehab Centers Milford has a professional and experienced staff that is ready to help you on your road to recovery, call now 203-242-8271.