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Addiction and Shame: Breaking the Cycle

Individuals battling an addiction face shame at some point throughout their lives. Shame and addiction are often closely related to each other. Users may feel shame for a number of different reasons including guilt from family members or isolation. When addicts feel shame, they turn to addiction or substance abuse in order to cope with discomfort. They take the substance of abuse to get rid of painful feelings caused by shame. Once they sober up, they start feeling shame again due to what they just did. This is a scary mental or physical battle.

The surprising news is anyone can overcome an addiction and break free by taking the necessary steps into recovery. Some of these crucial steps are:

  • Acknowledging the shame: users will need to acknowledge the shame and allow pain to leave their lives. They learn how to have compassion on themselves and understand change is possible.
  • Accepting addiction does not define individuals: addiction says nothing about a person. It’s simply a disease that needs to be cured just like any other type of disease.
  • Accepting imperfections: users accept the fact that they are humans and everyone makes mistakes. They learn to find reasons to love who they are and embrace it.
  • Realize that you’re not alone: this journey may seem like a long and dark one but despite what you think, you are not alone. There are many others who have been down the same road and they are here to help you as well.
  • Forgive yourself: this is one of the most important steps. Always make sure to forgive yourself. If you don’t, you will not be able to move on past your addiction.


Giving up on yourself is not an option and even if you have failed at it before, you will get through it. You can take comfort and peace of mind in knowing that the road to recovery is a long and winding one. You will reach your goal only through perseverance and dedication. It will be worth it!

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